Who We Are

The National Campaigns Team is dedicated to supporting National Wildlife Federation staff, partners, and impacted communities in achieving lasting, equitable, and just federal policies that conserve, restore, and improve the resilience of America’s wildlife and communities leading to transformational change. We achieve this vision by mobilizing national and local action, growing civic and political power, advising on the development of campaign plans and strategies, building the organizing skills and competencies of the Federation through training, and deepening our relationships with activists and partners through consistent, long-term, and intersectional organizing.

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Our Role

  • Build a larger, more diverse "big tent" of individuals and institutions taking action in support of our Common Agenda for Wildlife including: all political identities, cities and towns, identity groups (gender/age/race), and media partners.
  • Build, grow and deepen relationships and collaboration with National Wildlife Federation affiliates, regional offices, and supporters to champion and execute the Common Agenda for Wildlife.
  • Collaboratively create and build capacity with the affiliates to execute the Common Agenda for Wildlife.
  • Transform the Federation through increased partnerships and more active engagement with diverse groups and by living the values of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Team

Headshot of Tara Losoff

Tara Losoff
Associate Vice President, Organizing & Campaigns

As the head of NWF's Campaigns Team, Tara drives efforts to amplify civic and political influence, mobilize local action, and advance key national policy priorities for resilient wildlife and communities. Previously, she managed field campaigns for ocean sustainability and international biodiversity conservation initiatives with the Pew Charitable Trusts and the National Environmental Trust and has consulted for numerous coalition campaigns, fundraising drives, and canvass operations, securing victories in ballot initiatives, congressional races, and issue campaigns nationwide. Tara has an MBA and a BA in Interactive Arts and Media.

Headshot of Samantha Lockhart

Samantha Lockhart
Deputy National Director, Organizing and Campaigns

Sam has been in various roles on the National Wildlife Federation since 2013. In 2016, she took a brief leave of absence to work on the Presidential campaign in Pennsylvania. Prior to joining the team, she worked as a Conservation Organizer for Friends of the Columbia Gorge in Portland, OR. Sam got her start as a student activist at the College of William and Mary where she graduated in 2010 with a BA in Public Policy.

Headshot of TJ Brown

TJ Brown
Western Regional Field Director

TJ joined the Campaigns Team and NWF in 2019 and has his professional roots in community organizing, campaign and organizational development. He works throughout the West with NWF Affiliates and other partners working towards lasting change in the conservation space. He loves spending his free time with his family at home and traveling and creating music and art with his young daughter.

Headshot of Lucy Evert

Lucy Evert
Eastern Regional Field Director

Lucy Evert serves as the Eastern Regional Field Director at National Wildlife Federation, working across federal campaigns to build conservation power and achieve lasting, equitable, and just federal policies for wildlife and communities. Since 2017, she has worked to develop campaign strategy, strengthen grassroots and grasstops networks, lead advocacy trainings, and deploy national campaign tactics with affiliates, contractors and partners across the country. She also serves as the Engagement Manager for the Clean Water for All Coalition, leading the field program for the last four years. Evert is based in Washington DC.

Headshot of Tatiana Eaves

Tatiana Eaves
Community Engagement Campaigns Manager

Tatiana works to support NWF staff, community partners, and activists in creating and implementing effective public engagement strategies to help people feel more confident and equipped to take political action and disrupt current systems of inequity; and aids in finding the points of connection between various issue topics and constituencies to increase the synergy amongst partners and the entire NWF family for a more inclusive and intersectional conservation movement. She is based in Washington D.C. and is also an avid gardener, forager, herbalist, and interfaith minister.

Headshot of Justin Williams

Justin Williams
National Advocacy Operations and Data Strategy Manager

Justin provides operational and data management support to NWF's National Advocacy Center; leverages data resources and technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of national advocacy campaigns; and facilitates collaboration between NWF's Campaigns, Digital, and Data Strategy teams to develop digital organizing strategies to maximize NWF's impact and engagement with online and offline activists and partners. He is currently based in Washington, DC and enjoys hiking and birdwatching in Shenandoah National Park and other local public lands.

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