What We Do

Our work can be categorized into (1) building a stronger and more powerful conservation movement; and (2) developing and helping to execute campaigns to achieve conservation benefits for wildlife and people.

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Growing and Strengthening the Conservation Movement

  • We aim to build a larger, more diverse “big tent” of individuals and institutions taking action to protect wildlife and people. We work intentionally with people from all political identities, cities and towns, identity groups (gender/age/race), and media partners, especially those who have been traditionally excluded from these conversations and work.
  • We work to grow, build, and deepen partnerships among environmental justice and frontline leaders/organizations, the National Wildlife Federation’s broader family across the country, membership, affiliates, and more to create a more inclusive and impactful conservation movement.
  • We believe in partnerships that go beyond transactional relationships. Our strategy fosters authentic connections with stakeholders and experts and contributes to building lasting civic power within the communities we serve. Through these partnerships, we grow the civic and political power of our movement and also build the organizing skills and competencies of the Federation through training, testing, and making connections.

Campaigning for Conservation

  • We advise programs and teams on the development of campaign plans and strategies.
  • We mobilize national and local action around campaign objectives.
  • Through our national field organizing programs, we collaborate with state and regional coalitions, partners, and organizers to engage with communities, amplify grassroots voices, and enact meaningful policy changes. We strive to ensure that resources reach state-based and local partner organizations, and to bridge the gap between local concerns and national impact.
  • By coming together with a shared purpose and pooling resources and knowledge, collective power enables us to tackle complex challenges, shape policies, and create a lasting impact beyond what any one individual could achieve alone.

What We Work to Protect

Group of people holding signs saying Act Now for Climate, Pass the BBBA, Clean Energy Now, Build Back Better

Climate & Energy

As climate change acts as a threat multiplier, bold and innovative solutions are required to address these unprecedented and exacerbated crises. We act to advance climate and clean energy solutions that will safeguard our wildlife and our communities.

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Clean water is a basic right. We’re taking action to conserve, protect, and restore our waters for wildlife and people alike.

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Our Lands

Our diverse and wondrous lands serve as essential habitat for wildlife, support thriving communities, and underpin vital economic activities. We work to promote conservation and sustainable management of America’s lands, public and private.

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People & Justice

As all components of an ecosystem are interconnected, humans are an integral part of nature. We work to promote equity at every juncture, as we adapt to a changing world and advocate for the protections of our shared home.

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Our wildlife deserve clean air, clean water, and habitat in which to thrive. We work to conserve, protect, and restore even the most vulnerable of our wild species for generations to come.

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