Meet the Pack: Winter 2024 Contributors

Get to know some of the talented contributors behind the Winter 2024 issue of National Wildlife magazine

  • By Laura Tangley and Jennifer Wehunt
  • Contributors
  • Dec 30, 2023

Clockwise from top left: Eugenia Chang (photo courtesy of Eugenia Chang), Asher Elbein (photo courtesy of Asher Elbein), Rebecca Dzombak (photo by Nikolas Midttun), Kami Elsisie (photo courtesy of Kami Elsisie)

We are honored to introduce a handful of the contributors who helped make our Winter 2024 issue of National Wildlife® magazine an insightful, inspiring read.

EUGENIA CHANG joined the magazine as photo editor last summer following a long tenure at Microsoft, where she took extra joy in researching nature and wildlife photography. “I still remember learning about horseshoe crabs on the pages of Ranger Rick® as a young girl,” says the Seattle resident. “I really cherish that sense of wonder, and that’s why I’m excited to work with National Wildlife®.” Read more at

ASHER ELBEIN “was the kind of kid who was always dragging my parents to the zoo or the natural history museum,” he says. Today the independent nature and culture reporter (“What’s in a Scientific Name”) lives in Austin, Texas, and writes for the likes of The New York Times, Scientific American and Undark. “I said I’d keep going until I had to get a real job, and that hasn’t happened yet.” Read more at

KAMI ELSISIE, a rapid-response paramedic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, didn’t expect her hunting skills (“Why I Hunt”) to attract the attention of TV producers. But landing on the survival show “Naked and Afraid” had its benefits. “If I’m ever in a situation where I need to build a shelter while hunting, now I’m confident in my ability to do so,” she says. See more of her adventures on Instagram @kamkam520.

REBECCA DZOMBAK was “quite alarmed” the first time she saw a hummingbird sitting still on an icy branch in a cold snap, so she “was tickled to learn the many ways wildlife evolved to weather winter” (“Wildlife Winter Survival Strategies”). In 2021, after earning a Ph.D. in earth sciences, she pivoted to journalism, “ready to move from rocks and ancient worlds to writing about our dynamic, living world.” Read more at

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