You matter. Your vote matters.

Legislators make decisions every day that can help (or harm) the places where wildlife and people live. As a voter, you have the power to help choose those legislators.

Your vote does make a difference. The future for wildlife and communities hangs in the balance during each election. Your vote on a state ballot measure or for a wildlife-friendly candidate enables us to work with officials who are willing to protect wildlife habitats and public lands, combat climate change, and ensure clean air and water. 

Legislators know the power you wield as a registered voter. From the presidential race to local elections, your vote decides who is in or out. It’s why the National Wildlife Federation supports fair elections–so that you may flex your power to vote for issues that matter to you like wildlife conservation and environmental protections.

Make sure your voice is heard by voting. Vote for wildlife. Vote for the environment.


It is up to all of us to stand up for the natural places, wildlife and communities we cherish. Research the candidates on your ballot[link] and find out their proposed solutions to modern conservation and environmental challenges that our communities and country is facing. 

We need candidates on both sides of the aisle who will:

Wildlife Populations; Create or update wildlife laws based on science,  fund programs, oversee implementation, and defend against attacks to weaken protections. 


Climate Change; Confront climate change, which is accelerating the extinction crisis by altering migration patterns, compromising habitats, and introducing new diseases and invasive species. 

Environmental Justice; Address/Fix the air and water quality issues in communities impacted the most by pollution, and help establish clean energy development in communities of color and vulnerable communities.

Clean Water; Ensure clean water for wildlife and people by safeguarding our rivers and drinking water.

Public Lands; Keep public lands in public hands. These national parks, monuments, forest, wildlife refuges, and grasslands provide vital habitat and protect sacred grounds for Tribal Nations.


A democracy depends on the engagement of its citizens–pledge to vote for wildlife [link]. Each ballot cast in an election can have a lasting impact on our nation’s health, environment and frontline communities.

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