Camp Clean This Summer

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Help Protect the Outdoor Spaces We All Love

Two Clean Earth Challenge clean up crews

The Goal

The National Wildlife Federation and Johnson Outdoors launched the Clean Earth Challenge in April 2022 to get people outdoors to help clean up the planet. We’ve already collected over 7 million pieces of trash and debris. Take the Challenge and become part of this wide-scale effort to make outdoor spaces healthier.

Aerial view of people picking up litter outdoors

How to Help

While camping this summer, if you notice trash or debris at your campsite, on the trail or surrounding area, pick it up! Get family and friends to take the Challenge or organize a crew and make a difference at the campsite and beyond!

Group of people smiling and taking selfie outdoors

Make an Impact

By leaving no waste or no trace at your camping area, you help improve the health of the environment so future generations can enjoy the outdoors for years to come.

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Get outdoors this summer and #CampClean

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