Recycling & Disposal

Pack In and Pack Out

Responsible campers know what you bring into the camping experience goes out. But sometimes you might need to tidy up after the last guests as well. A good way to start is by picking up litter and debris as part of the Clean Earth Challenge and to follow our easy recycling and disposal tips.

Hand picking up plastic bottle from sandy beach

If you see trash and debris in or around your camping area that is not yours, please pick it up as a part of the Clean Earth Challenge.

Recycling bins

If you have any recyclable items and trash that need disposal, please locate the designated trash receptacles in the campground or park area.

Food items in sustainable packaging

“Think Sustainable” when packing before your trip—bring as many reusable or eco-friendly storage and container items as you can.

Recyclable items sorted into crates

Please sort your recyclables and trash and place them in the proper receptacles. If no recycle bins are present, take the items home and recycle later.

Food items in reusable containers

The more reusables you have, the less trash you have to dispose of when you leave.

Recyclable items ready to be packed into trunk of car

If camping in remote areas without proper trash disposal, consult local authorities regarding the proper ways to dispose of trash and bring your recyclables home.

Be the best guest you can be when camping and always clean up your campsite and surrounding areas!

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