Camp Green

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Responsibly

When we camp green and reduce our impact, we help protect wildlife and the natural environment so future generations can enjoy the experience, too. You can help by taking the Clean Earth Challenge and following our handy guidelines. Wildlife and the planet thank you!

Trees and stream with mountain in the background

Leave No Trace

Learn ways you can make a difference with tips on how to camp responsibly and leave your campsite better than you found it.

Herd of bison

Respect Wildlife

Find out how to leave ‘wildlife wild’ in their habitat so wildlife, their natural environment and you all stay safe and protected.

Close up of green leaf

Think Sustainable

Follow simple guidelines to make camping eco-friendly and reduce your impact with sustainable choices for packing, storage and utensils.

Person picking up plastic bottle from the ground in the woods

Recycling & Disposal

Learn how to clean up responsibly and pitch in for less tidy campers by picking up trash and debris as part of the Clean Earth Challenge.

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