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Need fun camping-themed activities to try both during the day and after the sun goes down? Browse and click on any of the fun activities below and either download or print directly to use at home or take on the go!

Daytime Activities

Camping Fun with Ranger Rick Daytime Printable Activity Sheet
Download PDF

These fun activities will get you and your family out exploring and learning about wildlife whether it’s in a backyard, at a camping site or outside an RV.

Nighttime Activities

Camping Fun with Ranger Rick Nighttime Printable Activity Sheet
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Try these activities at night after the sun goes down and learn how to play Flashlight Tag and how to observe and identify bugs at night.

Scavenger Hunt

Eco Schools Scavenging for Species Printable Activity Sheet
Download PDF

Kids will have a blast with this fun game that educates them about wildlife species and comes with instructions for a wildlife scavenger hunt craft game as well!

More Fun Activities!

Search for Animal Houses

Click on this Search for Animal Houses article to find tips on how to look for animal houses. You’ll also find two printable links—one showing what animal houses look like, and one drawing what kids find.

Play Bug Bingo

Click on this Play Bug Bingo article to learn how to play a fun game of bug bingo and a link to print out the bug bingo board for use at home or on the go.

Backyard Bird Checklist

Learn what birds are in your backyard or at the campsite by clicking on this Backyard Bird Checklist article. You’ll find a link in the article to print the checklist to use at home or to take camping.

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