What Kinds of Wildlife Will Your Garden Help?

Carolina Chickadee: Doug Tallamy

Wildlife habitat gardens will help smaller wildlife that can safely co-exist with people in our cities, towns and neighborhoods.


Many bird species will benefit from a wildlife habitat garden. Songbirds, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and even hawks, owls, waterfowl and wild turkey will call your neighborhood home if you create habitat for them.


Butterflies are the most-loved groups of insects that you can support with a wildlife habitat garden. Dragonflies, beetles, mantids, ladybugs, fireflies and thousands of other insects are beneficial predators that help your garden. Bees are critically important pollinators.

Amphibians and Reptiles 

Frogs, toads, turtles and lizards will also benefit when you create a wildlife habitat garden. These animals are important predators of insects and help keep your garden in balance. Many are also declining and need our help.

Small Mammals 

Many small to medium-sized mammals will call a wildlife habitat garden home. Chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, foxes are just a few of the species that you can support and enjoy.

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