Butterfly Hero Stories

This project has fostered a love and appreciation for butterflies, and caterpillars, for my daughter and I. We have spent so much time outside, caring for the plants, looking for caterpillars, watching them and the visiting butterflies. I have also been able to introduce several concepts--pollination, metamorphosis and pests, etc. It has been truly worthwhile and I will continue to plant it each year. Thank you for introducing it to our family!

-Melissa Tansey, TX

We distributed the starter kits to teachers, students and youth groups as an activity in our Certified Community Wildlife Program in our county. A group of Girl Scouts created a butterfly garden at a local nursing home so the elderly residents could enjoy the peaceful setting, the beautiful plants and the butterflies that were attracted by the plantings. The teachers commented that the kits were a great resource to use with their curriculum on butterflies.

-Luwana Lanier Milner, FL

My mother raised monarch butterflies back in the 80s and 90s, so I was so excited to continue that tradition with my children and the Butterfly Heroes program gave us additional resources to do so. Our first year we had one milkweed come up in our garden and we raised 3 butterflies in it. This 2nd year we had well over a dozen milkweed in our garden and we successfully raised 12 monarchs from our garden alone.

-Anne Wyman, MI

Austin Parks


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